Are you looking for a specialist or a manager? We’ll find the perfect new employee for you.

That is because the professional search for and selection of specialists and managers is our speciality. Here is what we take care of for you:

Preparation for the search

  • Consultation with clients about positions to be filled,
  • Analysis of job/function,
  • Development of job profiles,
  • Position environmental analysis,
  • Target audience analysis.

Carrying out the search

  • Advertisements,
  • Head hunting,
  • Researching networks.

Selection of applicants

  • Pre-selection of application materials,
  • Obtainment of references,
  • Execution of suitability diagnostics,
  • Applicant meetings.

Consulting during hiring

  • Participation in job interviews,
  • Consulting regarding decision making,
  • Consulting regarding contract drafting,
  • Success and quality control.

Panke Personalconsulting supports you with know-how and experience. Furthermore, we give you the opportunity to use the PC-supported DNLA process (Discovery of Natural Latent Abilities) during hiring and training. This scientifically based, tested, and proven instrument for analysis checks the social skills of applicants. There are tailored diagnoses for entrants to the job market, managers, company climate, high performance team, and sales potential, too.

Just give it a try: We would be happy to prepare a sample appraisal for you at cost so you can get to know the various processes.